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There is a lot we believe. (1) Tattooing needs to be more about the customer. (2) Artist’s calendars are accessible and clear to customers (3) Buying great art is worth it but the payment process needs some help.

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Make it easy on your and your clients… Web-based scheduling that allows you to book more and faster.


Eliminate “no-show”. Sure you get their deposit, but wouldn’t you rather have a bigger pay day?


Increase your average session by 25% by adding a simple and secure way for clients to make payments on their art.


I cannot begin to express my thanks and gratitude to you for the great result you achieved. I felt safe and understood. The professionalism, care, and consideration for my needs has been superb. I will be recommending you to every person I know looking for legal help in the future!

— Kristin Smith

I was extremely happy with the way my shop was handled and the result achieved. Throughout the process everyone at Tattoo Tech was professional, polite, and friendly. I could not have asked for anyone better to represent and support me.

— Sean Murphy